Top 5 Indian Spices That Are Good For Health Benefits

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India is rich in cultural heritage and is a symbol of unanimity in diversity. Since older days, India has been identified in the world for its traditions and hand ground spices. The food products and recipes of India are well-known in the entire world because of the spices used in them. These handmade spices not only add fragrance and taste to the food, but own certain medicinal benefits as well. The majority of Indian spices have been proved to treat the diseases varying from common cold to cancerous tumors. Indian folks can’t even think of their food without spices. These days, these spices are receiving much fame in the western countries as well. Even though all the Indian spices have their own sole qualities, but a few of them are reasonably much special and admired. Some of these prominently favored spices are as under.

Haldi Powder

Haldi Powder

Turmeric or Haldi is dried root that raises about 2 feet in length. It has a simple aromatic and spicy fragrance with a little bitter flavor. Turmeric is an imperative spice in India having huge cultural significance as well.

Turmeric has outstanding healing properties. Use of turmeric paste on injury accelerates

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The History of Indian Spices and Why Indian Spices are the Best in the World?

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, but one thing for which India is known in the entire world is its spices and zings. Indian spices are known in the entire world for their unique taste and aroma. Spices are the real heart and soul of all Indian dishes be it tasty Shahi paneer or finger-licking butter chicken. From the time of Vedas, Indian spices have formed an integral part of cooking as well as therapeutic treatments.

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The word spice originates from Latin species, which means aware of significant worth and qualification. Amid their long and interesting history, spices have frequently been more important than gold or valuable stones, and the exchange of spices has been a part of the barter system. It is a fact that people love to taste hot Continue reading