Cooking With Indian spices to Add More Taste


Spices add flavor to food as well as useful in digestion. There are lots of spices that work as an aid for treatment of various kinds of diseases. Everybody wants a healthy life, and for it, you need a healthy food. So to adopt healthy food habits, the best spices and herbs are necessary for your cooking, which is helpful in the digestive system and for garnishing the taste of food.

Indian spices that change your taste forever

Indian spices are world famous, every year India exports a huge amount of grind spices around the world. There is diversity in spices changes from place to place and make Indian food popular with its unique feature. Few Indian cuisine spices that make taste different by using in the cooking; are cloves used for flavor food i.e. hot to taste; cinnamon sticks are well known for its culinary uses, cardamom pods used in Indian tea as well as use as a mouth freshener after the meal. Further  curry leaves mostly used in South Indian food to add taste in food, chilli powders are used to make food more spicy with amazing taste, cumin seeds use for adding warm flavour with distinctive nature, Continue reading

Some Amazing Health Benefits of Jeera Masala

Spices play a significant role in making a recipe more flavorful. Cumin or ‘Jeera’ in Hindi is brownish in color and elongated, tapering at each extremity with tiny stalks attached. Jeera seed generally is used to fry the soups, curries, sauces and etc to get the sweet smelling and yummy tastes.  In India, Jeera seeds are an essential component of curry powder and “Garam Masala”. They are usually fried or roasted before usage. These seeds are usually available dried or ground to a brownish-green powder. Cumin or Jeera seeds are normally available in three colors- white, amber, and black. Among these varieties amber seeds are the most common. Black cumin seeds have different flavor from other cumin seeds though both are Continue reading

Hand Ground Spices- Enriched With Taste and Health

Since ages India is known for its spices. These delicious spices are outstanding and possibly the unique feature of Indian culture. You can make your food tempting and delicious by the use of proper seasoning. The favorable climatic situations of the country are very suitable for farming of such type of products. Hence, India is also one of the biggest exporters of these spices.
People from around the world taste the Indian food and become a long-lasting fan. Indian hand ground spices are as colorful and diverse as the folks of India. The varied fragrance of these spices will let you go mad for the yummy cuisines. Moreover, these spices possess special value and many health benefits.

  • haldi

These days, there are abundant spices manufacturing companies available, who supply these hand ground spices in dried and powdered form. These pulverized packed spices are usually used by the people today and are found in approximately every Indian kitchen. Demand for these spices is simply rising as the busy working schedule of ladies did not permit them to find time to dry and crush them at home, unlike the older days.

The mouth-watering Indian food is inventive and varying depending upon the region. For example, Idli, Dosa, and Sambhar are famous in south India. Similarly, in the north region, Saag is a celebrated dish. Some of the normally used spices are Haldi Powder, dhanya powder, jeera powder, and garam masala. These seasonings form the base of most of the Indian recipes. Spices being the main quintessence of Indian dishes, even the smallest amount of difference in proportion could bring a huge change in taste. You can buy Indian spices from online stores as well. There are several types of spices that are available in these online shops. A fine blending of spices is extremely important to make sure authentic fragrance and taste of Indian cuisines.

Heeng powder

With the human attentiveness regarding health concerns, these handmade spices have become a mainstream choice for consumers. Depending on certain dish of foods, individual spices are used right at cooking time. You can extract different flavors from the same spice by roasting it, dropping it whole into hot oil, grinding it, or mixing it with other seasonings. Our country produces more spices than any other country in the world. The hand ground spices have more illness fighting anti-oxidants than most vegetables and fruits. Utilizing these spices on a daily basis will benefit an individual’s wellbeing in addition to adding delicious flavor to your meals.

These spices are rich in aroma and exceptional in flavor, so they are one the most required food ingredient in the world and exported by a different business organization. Due to such enormous demand for spices, new and simple methods of spice purchase are available. Customers can buy Indian spices online from any location and give an amazing transformation to their recipes.

The Role and Medicinal Benefits of Major Indian Spices in the Kitchen

India is a place where there is spices and has a noteworthy part on the planet business sector of spices . Kerala produces the most extreme spices in India. In a matter of seconds, India produces around 2.75 million tones of various spices esteemed at roughly 4.2 billion US $, and holds the top position in the worldwide spices market. Hand ground Spices have vital influence in Indian kitchen.

A portion of the primary spices utilized as a part of Indian food are Turmeric, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger, Bay leaf, cloves, cardamom, fenugreek, garlic and so on.

Aside from utilizing these spices as culinary fixings they are additionally utilized for restorative purposes. Since they are as of now utilized for cooking reason they are effectively accessible in every Indian family unit. In this way, ordinarily Indians go for these spices to use as family unit cures. Few of them are specified here.

edicinal Benefits of Indian Spices

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4 Tips You Need to Keep in Mind When you Buy Spices and Herbs Online

hand ground Indian spices

When I first became obsessed with cooking, I was certain of whipping out the best dishes of the season. All things considered, I originate from a family that has long been the pride of the area when it came to grills. Also, there was a fortune trove of recipes that Grandma had abandoned me and I had not even touched the most superficial layer of. Outfitted with all the information I could request, I was prepared to overcome the palette – and the world! In any case, I was in for a noteworthy frustration. I was looking for some good hand ground Indian spices.

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7 Medicinal and Healing Uses of Lal Mirch

Whether its soups, stews, sauces, curries, marinades, enchiladas, meals or dry rubs for meats, Lal mirch powder has a critical position in every single culinary preparation of India. To such an extent, it is effectively fused even into the healthy and enticing burgers and pizzas. A powdered type of dried, ground stew peppers, Lal mirch powder produces distinctive seasonings and is named relying on the sort of Lal mirch pepper utilized, say cayenne pepper. Other than genuine Lal mirch powder, you can discover stew powder mix, produced using an impeccable blend of cumin, salt, dark pepper, paprika, cinnamon, oregano or garlic powder. Since this rich, brilliant spice includes an interesting and delightful taste to any delicacy, it is broadly utilized as a part of Indian dishes, Tex-Mex formulas, Chinese cooking styles and Thai sustenances.

Chakki Masala Lal Mirch Powder

Only a dash or two of Lal mirch powder can kick up the essence of your sense of taste! Lal mirch is a natural product unit from a plant fitting in with the Capsicum annum species and an individual from the nightshade group of Solanaceae, which likewise incorporates tomato, aubergine, tobacco and others. Aside from the smoldering sensation and red hot hotness that Lal mirch powder gives to the dishes, it is likewise a powerhouse of gigantic restorative and health profiting properties. We should look at the changed nutritious points of interest of sprinkling a dash of this hot and solid spice. Hand made spices always carry high medicinal properties and here are 10 healing and medicinal properties of Lal Mirch powder –

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