Health Benefits of Saunf Powder


Saunf powder is a consumable powder utilized for a long time in cooking and also restorative purposes. It is additionally called as moti saunf in India. It has a place with the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family and Foeniculum sort, developed in numerous nations everywhere throughout the world.

In India, it is an old and most basic pattern of offering some fennel seeds with mishri (or sugar covered saunf) after a supper to bite. It is generally completed in lodgings, eateries and gatherings to avert subsequent to eating issues like gas, heartburn, indigestion, stomach spasms, tooting, and clogging. Try not to be mistaken for the fennel seeds and aniseeds.

Saunf powder is sweet-smelling and sweet taste zest utilized as a part of kalaunji masala in India for cooking vegetables and in addition different restorative and home solution for cure assortment of wellbeing issue. In light of its heaps of therapeutic properties (like hors d’oeuvre, carminative, hostile to convulsive, against emetic, laxative and so on) it is generally utilized as a home solution for treat different wellbeing issue Pitta, vata, cougha, gas, bloating and other stomach and respiratory issues. Buy Sauf powder for getting restorative medical advantages:


  • Keeps Oral Cavity Healthy: Saunf is a fragrant and sweet enhanced seed goes about as a mouth freshener and aides in evacuating awful breath, alleviation from toothache and gum issues.
  • Calms Cold and Cough: Eating saunf seeds gives help from the normal cool and hack issues.
  • Wellspring of Essential Nutrients: It is rich wellspring of basic supplements, filaments, against oxidants, vitamins and minerals which advance valor and quality if devoured routinely.
  • Keeps from Degenerative Diseases:Buy Saunf powder Online is a capable hostile to oxidant as it contains some common cell reinforcement compound called kaemferol and quercetin which assists in battling with destructive free radicals along these lines keeps from different degenerative maladies like tumor, maturing, neurological ailments and so forth.
  • Gives Relief from Constipation: Regular admission of saunf aides in getting help from the obstruction and other stomach related issues as it contains abnormal state of dietary filaments which ingests more water and makes stool delicate and ease entry.
  • Brings down Serum Cholesterol Level: Dietary strands found in it helps in bringing down the serum cholesterol level as it gets binded with bile salts and diminishes its assimilation in the colon.
  • Shields from Colon Cancer: Its cancer prevention agent nature shields colon and its bodily fluid film from the malignancy by repressing the development and advancement of the destructive cells.
  • Rich Source of Essential Oil: Fennel seed is rich wellspring of fundamental oil mixes like limonene, anisic aldehyde, myrcene, pinene, fenchone, chavicol, anethole, cineole and so on which make it ready to keep from different wellbeing issue.
  • Keeps from Anemia: It is rich wellspring of copper which is exceedingly required by the body to deliver red platelets along these lines it shields from weakness and different issues brought on because of diminished measure of hemoglobin.