The History of Indian Spices and Why Indian Spices are the Best in the World?

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, but one thing for which India is known in the entire world is its spices and zings. Indian spices are known in the entire world for their unique taste and aroma. Spices are the real heart and soul of all Indian dishes be it tasty Shahi paneer or finger-licking butter chicken. From the time of Vedas, Indian spices have formed an integral part of cooking as well as therapeutic treatments.

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The word spice originates from Latin species, which means aware of significant worth and qualification. Amid their long and interesting history, spices have frequently been more important than gold or valuable stones, and the exchange of spices has been a part of the barter system. It is a fact that people love to taste hot spices. Blooms, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and knobs (the most straightforward of are mixed and used to create various types of spices. In India hand ground spices are very popular and that is very obvious seeing the difference in taste and aroma between hand ground and machine made spices. Their tastes and fragrances make a kaleidoscope of outlandish flavors to thrill any food lover. It is the best to bring whole spices from the market and hand ground them manually. Indian spices along with mouthwatering taste and offer also offer many uncountable health benefits and contribute towards an individual’s healthy life.

Spices and herbs like haldi powder, jeera, dhaniya powder have been frequently used in Indian houses for both cooking as well as heath purposes. India is one of the oldest spice producing nations of the world. Susruta, a renowned ancient Indian physician used to put white mustard and other sweet-smelling plants in bed sheets to avert threatening spirits. He then later discovered several spices that he used to heal wounds and other health problems. Therapeutic compositions of Charaka  & Susruta II referenced spices and herbs. Susruta II used spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and pepper for healing purposes. Spices, for example, ginger, cardamom, mustard seed, dark pepper, cumin, and were used to treat various health problems and till today they are used in Indian households as well as Ayurvedic centers. India has always been a major exporter of many spices.

No Indian dish is ever complete without a pinch of spice. Today the era of machine ground spices has overtaken the hand ground spice industry and significantly the spices have lost their original taste and aroma. Nevertheless there are some reputed spice manufacturers that only sell hand ground spices. These hand ground spices are the best in terms of quality, taste and aroma. When spices are ground using mechanic grinders a lot of heat is generated and the spices lose their authentic taste and aroma in the process. So it is advised that you must avoid machine ground spices as much as possible and switch over to hand ground zings. Hand ground spices keep the medicinal properties and authentic values of the zings intact. You can easily find these hand ground spices on any leading online store or through regional sellers. If you can’t find a hand ground spices then you can also create your own spices at your home.

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