Medical Benefits of Kitchen king


Kitchen King can be utilized as a part of cooking while making different dishes; it contains flavors which are for the most part utilized for improving taste and smell. The wide employments of this Masala Powder and its agreeable taste give it its name Kitchen King Masala Powder. It is not that Kitchen King Masala Powder is utilized just for taste and smell, it has numerous medical advantages. The fixings utilized as a part of setting up this powder have numerous medical advantages and mix of these flavors in one powder enhances quality also nutritive estimation of nourishment enormously.

Buy Kitchen King for the most part contains all the real flavors like Cumin, Fenugreek, Garlic, Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Peppercorns and some more. Every one of these flavors has high nutritious esteem and is wellsprings of significant supplements. These flavors supply an extensive variety of minerals like iron, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, Folate, Calcium and so on. These flavors are rich wellsprings of essential Vitamins like B-complex gathering, A, C and D; aside from these their solid hostile to oxidant and calming properties make them superb wellbeing defenders. Flawless properties of these flavors keep poisons and free radicals out of the framework to keep up sound wellbeing and insusceptibility level.

Utilization of these flavors makes sustenance effortlessly absorbable, these flavors subsequent to entering in human stomach related framework advance emission of juices and chemicals which guarantee finish and solid absorption of nourishment and poo of waste matter. A portion of the flavors utilized as a part of Kitchen King Masala Powder help in keeping circulatory strain, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma and Cholesterol level under control, the elements of this powder are utilized as a part of planning creams, gels and Natural Medicines for treating different sorts of clutters and ailments. Buy Kitchen King Online won’t just guarantee colorful Continue reading

Health Benefits of Saunf Powder


Saunf powder is a consumable powder utilized for a long time in cooking and also restorative purposes. It is additionally called as moti saunf in India. It has a place with the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family and Foeniculum sort, developed in numerous nations everywhere throughout the world.

In India, it is an old and most basic pattern of offering some fennel seeds with mishri (or sugar covered saunf) after a supper to bite. It is generally completed in lodgings, eateries and gatherings to avert subsequent to eating issues like gas, heartburn, indigestion, stomach spasms, tooting, and clogging. Try not to be mistaken for the fennel seeds and aniseeds.

Saunf powder is sweet-smelling and sweet taste zest utilized as a part of kalaunji masala in India for cooking vegetables and in addition different restorative and home solution for cure assortment of wellbeing issue. In light of its heaps of therapeutic properties (like hors d’oeuvre, carminative, hostile to convulsive, against emetic, laxative and so on) it is generally utilized as a home solution for treat different wellbeing issue Pitta, vata, cougha, gas, bloating and other stomach and respiratory issues. Buy Sauf powder for getting restorative medical advantages:


  • Keeps Oral Cavity Healthy: Saunf is a fragrant and sweet enhanced seed goes about as a mouth freshener and aides in evacuating awful breath, alleviation from toothache and gum issues.
  • Calms Cold and Cough: Eating saunf seeds gives help from the normal cool and hack issues.
  • Wellspring of Essential Nutrients: It is rich wellspring of basic supplements, filaments, against oxidants, vitamins and minerals which advance valor and quality if devoured routinely.
  • Keeps from Degenerative Diseases:Buy Saunf powder Online is a capable hostile to oxidant as it contains some common cell reinforcement compound called kaemferol and quercetin which assists in battling with destructive free radicals along these lines keeps from different degenerative maladies like tumor, maturing, neurological ailments and so forth.
  • Gives Relief from Constipation: Regular admission of saunf aides in getting help from the obstruction and other stomach related issues as it contains abnormal state of dietary filaments which ingests more water and makes stool delicate and ease entry.
  • Brings down Serum Cholesterol Level: Dietary strands found in it helps in bringing down the serum cholesterol level as it gets binded with bile salts and diminishes its assimilation in the colon.
  • Shields from Colon Cancer: Its cancer prevention agent nature shields colon and its bodily fluid film from the malignancy by repressing the development and advancement of the destructive cells.
  • Rich Source of Essential Oil: Fennel seed is rich wellspring of fundamental oil mixes like limonene, anisic aldehyde, myrcene, pinene, fenchone, chavicol, anethole, cineole and so on which make it ready to keep from different wellbeing issue.
  • Keeps from Anemia: It is rich wellspring of copper which is exceedingly required by the body to deliver red platelets along these lines it shields from weakness and different issues brought on because of diminished measure of hemoglobin.

Health Benefits of Kali Mirch

kaali-mirch-powder (1)

Kali Mirch is a blooming vine in the family Piperaceae, developed for its natural product, which is generally dried and utilized as a flavor and flavoring. Whenever dried, the natural product is known as a peppercorn. Peppercorns, and the ground pepper got from them, might be portrayed essentially as pepper, or all the more absolutely as dark pepper, green pepper and white pepper. Buy Kali Mirch Online for getting following medical advantages:

  • Useful for the Stomach: It builds the hydrochloric corrosive emission in the stomach, in this manner encouraging processing. Legitimate assimilation is basic to stay away from the runs, stoppage and colic. Pepper likewise keeps the arrangement of intestinal gas, and when added to a man’s eating regimen, it can advance sweating and pee, which expel poisons from the body.
  • Weight reduction: The external layer of peppercorn aids the breakdown of fat cells. Thusly, peppery nourishments are a decent approach to help you shed weight actually. At the point when fat cells are separated into their segment parts, they are effortlessly prepared by the body and connected to other, sounder procedures and enzymatic responses, instead of basically sitting on your body and making you look overweight.
  • Skin Health: Kali mirch cures Vitiligo, which is a skin illness that causes a few zones of skin to lose its typical pigmentation and turn white. As indicated by scientists in London, the piperine substance of pepper can animate the skin to create shade. Topical treatment of piperine joined with ultra violet light treatment is vastly improved than the other harsher, all the more artificially based medications for vitiligo.
  • Respiratory Relief: In Ayurvedic hones, pepper is added to tonics for colds and hacks. Pepper additionally gives help from sinusitis and nasal clog. It has an expectorant property that splits up the bodily fluid and mucus affidavits in the respiratory tract, and its normal aggravation quality helps you to remove these released material through the demonstration of wheezing or hacking, which wipes out the material from the body and helps you to mend from whatever disease or sickness created the statement in any case.
  • Antibacterial Quality: The antibacterial property of dark pepper battles against contaminations and bug nibbles. Pepper added to the eating routine keeps your courses clean by acting likewise to fiber and scratching overabundance cholesterol from the dividers, in this manner decreasing atherosclerosis, the condition exceptionally in charge of heart assaults and strokes.
  • Cell reinforcement Potential: Cell reinforcement like pepper can counteract or repair the harm brought about by the free radicals and in this manner help to anticipate malignancy, cardiovascular illnesses and liver issues. Free radicals are the results of cell digestion that assault sound cells and cause their DNA to transform into carcinogenic cells
  • Upgrades Bioavailability: Buy Kali Mirch as it helps in transporting the advantages of different herbs to various parts of body, expanding the productivity of the other wellbeing nourishments that we devour. That is the reason adding it to nourishments makes them taste delightful, as well as makes those supplements more accessible and available to our framework.

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Brief Description on Chaat Masala


Chaat masala is a flavor powder blend or masala utilized as a part of South Asian food, principally in Indian, Bangladeshi and. It normally comprises of amchoor (dried mango powder), cumin, coriander, dried ginger, salt (frequently kala namak), dark pepper, asafoetida (hing) and bean stew powder. The fixings are joined and served on a little metal plate, polystyrene plate or a banana leaf, dried and framed into a bowl, at chaat trucks, particularly in India, Bangladesh and Punjab.

‘Chaat masala’ or Spice Powder blend is advanced by tasty sustenance in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. People from sub – territory utilize Chaat masala’s in reliably cooking. Hand ground Chaat masala is best when they are physically made. Different “how to make chaat masala equations” are comprehensively available in web – “How to make specially crafted Spicy Chaat Masala powder” or it can be obtained in stores. Chaat Masala is available in different flavors in business segment.

Buy Chat Masala Online and used it to prepare magnificent Indian sustenance recipes, for instance, chick peas or Kabuli chaat. The fixings consolidated into chaat masala are sound leaf, mustard seeds, coriander Continue reading

An Overview of Health Benefits of Kala Namak

kala namak

Kala namak has astonishing medical advantages and therapeutic uses. It is a kind of normal shake salt that is brimming with minerals and regular goodness. It gets its profound dull shading in view of the minerals and iron found in it and when ground it looks pink in shading. In India it is extremely prominent for its utilization in making visit things. I cherish Pani Puris (an extremely well known Indian nibble) and I generally have kala namak at home for making it. Kala namak is utilized as a flavoring for the pani (the green water that is utilized to fill the puris). I have never given kala namak an apprehension till I came to know about its superb uses and advantages, now I attempt to incorporate it regularly. Buy Kala Namak due to its following benefits:

  • Circulatory strain: Kala namak has low sodium content than the standard table salt and it is said to be exceptionally successful for weight patients. In spite of the fact that kala namak has low sodium content than typical salt, weight patients ought not to expend excessively of it as even kala namak has great measure of sodium.
  • Weight reduction: If you are searching for low sodium options for general salt for your weight reduction regimen, then kala namak is the best decision. Kala namak does not run well with flavors as it has a particular odor; however it is totally useful for servings of mixed greens and soups. You can flavor up any serving of mixed greens with dark salt
  • Skin: kala namak like the vast majority of the regular salts is useful for the skin. It unwinds muscles, is an outright pleasure for utilizing it as a detox shower. Utilizing kala namak in detox shower is one of the most ideal approaches to unwind, loosen up and treat throbbing muscles.
  • Gastritis: You can buy Kala Namak Online for treating gastritis and if consolidated with carom seed water, it gives great alleviation. You can discover the carom seed water formula in the blog.
  • Hair development: Kala namak is rich in iron and indispensable minerals and supplements required for hair development have a go at incorporating it in your eating regimen as frequently as possible. Next time you make soups include a tad bit of kala namak to it, it will improve the flavor. In any case, don’t include excessively of dark salt, it won’t taste great. You can likewise sprinkle it on eggs day by day. Attempt your best to substitute refined table salt with dark salt. I attempted a detox shower mix with dark salt; you can likewise utilize this formula as a foot splash. This is an outright detox shower formula and it is reasonable for a wide range of skin. Put stock in me, you will feel like as though you experienced a costly spa treatment in the wake of utilizing this shower splash, that is a result of the unwinding way of dark salt. In spite of the fact that dark salt has an unmistakable scent, it combine up perfectly with flower petals and rose basic oil in this detox shower formula to make an awesome home treatment.

Cooking With Indian spices to Add More Taste


Spices add flavor to food as well as useful in digestion. There are lots of spices that work as an aid for treatment of various kinds of diseases. Everybody wants a healthy life, and for it, you need a healthy food. So to adopt healthy food habits, the best spices and herbs are necessary for your cooking, which is helpful in the digestive system and for garnishing the taste of food.

Indian spices that change your taste forever

Indian spices are world famous, every year India exports a huge amount of grind spices around the world. There is diversity in spices changes from place to place and make Indian food popular with its unique feature. Few Indian cuisine spices that make taste different by using in the cooking; are cloves used for flavor food i.e. hot to taste; cinnamon sticks are well known for its culinary uses, cardamom pods used in Indian tea as well as use as a mouth freshener after the meal. Further  curry leaves mostly used in South Indian food to add taste in food, chilli powders are used to make food more spicy with amazing taste, cumin seeds use for adding warm flavour with distinctive nature, Continue reading

Top 5 Indian Spices That Are Good For Health Benefits

chakki masala spices

India is rich in cultural heritage and is a symbol of unanimity in diversity. Since older days, India has been identified in the world for its traditions and hand ground spices. The food products and recipes of India are well-known in the entire world because of the spices used in them. These handmade spices not only add fragrance and taste to the food, but own certain medicinal benefits as well. The majority of Indian spices have been proved to treat the diseases varying from common cold to cancerous tumors. Indian folks can’t even think of their food without spices. These days, these spices are receiving much fame in the western countries as well. Even though all the Indian spices have their own sole qualities, but a few of them are reasonably much special and admired. Some of these prominently favored spices are as under.

Haldi Powder

Haldi Powder

Turmeric or Haldi is dried root that raises about 2 feet in length. It has a simple aromatic and spicy fragrance with a little bitter flavor. Turmeric is an imperative spice in India having huge cultural significance as well.

Turmeric has outstanding healing properties. Use of turmeric paste on injury accelerates

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The History of Indian Spices and Why Indian Spices are the Best in the World?

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, but one thing for which India is known in the entire world is its spices and zings. Indian spices are known in the entire world for their unique taste and aroma. Spices are the real heart and soul of all Indian dishes be it tasty Shahi paneer or finger-licking butter chicken. From the time of Vedas, Indian spices have formed an integral part of cooking as well as therapeutic treatments.

Buy Delicious Hand Ground Spices from Chakki Masala.

The word spice originates from Latin species, which means aware of significant worth and qualification. Amid their long and interesting history, spices have frequently been more important than gold or valuable stones, and the exchange of spices has been a part of the barter system. It is a fact that people love to taste hot Continue reading

How to Make delicious Paani Puri Right At Your Home? – Recipe

We all love eating Paani Puris at the corner of our streets or even when we go to an Indian restaurant. There is something very magical about this Indian street food that no one can resist eating it. You call it Golgappa  or pani puri? But the fact is everyone starts salivating after hearing the name of Paani Puri. You have at least once visited Sitaram Chandni Chowk or any other famous street food junction just to eat Paani Puris Yes Paani Puris. You can get to eat this Indian street street food in restaurants and malls or you can stand near a cart in the marketand take a view of market with a round of gossip. But not every one of these street vendors is hygienic and you may face health issues if you don’t take care. What can be better than preparing your favorite dish right at your home?

delicious Paani Puri Recipe

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Learn How to Make Delicious Shahi Paneer with Unique Taste Using Hand ground Spices – Recipe

Shahi Paneer is something that we all love and it surely waters your mouth when you hear its name. Though Shahi Paneer is very tasty to eat but preparing the perfect Shahi paneer curry is not an easy task.

Basically it is a North Indian Dish made with Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and tomato gravy spiced up with Indian zings. It is a traditional Indian recipe that has been prepared since generations from the time of Moguls. The term Shahi is a Hindi word that means ‘Royal’ and the curry is really a royal delight for everyone who eats it. This Indian curry is rich in paneer and utilizes a blend of multiple Indian spices to give that tasty flavor to it. It is the gravy of Shahi Paneer that makes it finger licking good and it requires a lot of hard work and patience to create the perfect kind of gravy for your Shahi Paneer. So here is your guide to prepare the best Shahi paneer using hand ground Indian spices.

Delicious Shahi Paneer recipe

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