Along with being a spice manufacturing organization Chakki Masala also understands its duty towards the society. At Chakki Masala, we strongly believe in “Benefitting Others” rather than only “Earning Our Profit”. For us, the meaning of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is responsible work practices that encompass social, ecological and economic aspects. Through the use of the finest environmental practices, minimization of waste products and prevention of pollution, we strive to lower down the intensity of environmental impact of our activities. We endeavor to identify the risks of our actions on the surroundings and then completely keep a proper distance from all these works. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society and Chakki Masala has been following this thought ever since its existence.

As we recognize our duty towards the entire team of adepts, we use high safety standards for good health. Our leaders, continuously, endeavor to raise the bar of safety so that the situation may get better. By adhering to CSR policies, we yearn to serve ourselves as an example in front of individuals, companies, organizations etc. and motivate them to do the same for the well-being of society. Chakki Masala prides itself on being a good corporate citizen of the country and we have never backed down from our responsibilities in any manner. Employee volunteerism is one of the main contrivance in our mission of Corporate Social Responsibility. Chakki Masala was initially started when Mrs. Pragya Aggarwal paved the idea of making hand made spices with the help of 8 women who didn't have a strong social economical background. The organization never took a reverse gear from then and now the count has reached to 20 women. Our fidelity as a community partner is also evidenced in each and every operation of our organization.

Chakki Masala has always lent out a helping hand to the underprivileged sections of the society and has done the best it could have done and will continue these practices in the future too. We believe in gender equality and have always given equal opportunities to everyone regardless of caste and financial conditions. The women who indulge themselves in cleaning and processing of our condiments are the real backbone of our organization. Corporate social Responsibility or CSR has been an integral part of the workings of Chakki Masala. The founder of our organization Mrs. Pragya Aggarwal herself has taken the responsibility of helping the relatively backward sections of the society.