East India Company and Indian Spices

India is termed one among the biggest producers of spices. The realm manufactures a wide range of spices and at present, produces approximately 3.2 million tones of dissimilar spices and holds a high up spot in world spice production. Because of the unstable climates - from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate-almost all spices grow splendidly in India. India is regarded as the “Spice Bowl of World” and the history starts 7000 years ago. These spices were the major commodity of trade with several civilized nations like Mesopotamia, China, Sumeria, Arabia and Egypt. The fine taste and enthralling aroma of Indian spices attracted many in the world and the British were one among those who were interested to set up their trade in India

The history of Indian spice production will be incomplete without a mention of the East India Company. The East India Company came to India from all the way to Britain in sought of a trade opportunity in the field of spices. Not many of us know the fact that the East India Company first started their trade through Indian spices. There cannot be any denying on the fact that Indian spices are the best when it comes to taste and quality and sure the Britishers too were tempted by these condiments of India..The East India Company expanded their business and started exporting Indian spices and created monopoly over other markets. The company was formed to share in the East Indian spice trade. That trade had been a monopoly of Spain and Portugal until the defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588) by England gave the English the chance to break the monopoly. After this incident the Britishers never looked back and started creating their ascendance over other Indian trades too.

East India Company (EIC) came from Britain to India to buy Indian spices as the market was a lure to many in the world. It is said that East India Company first started their trading through Indian spices. Cotton, silk goods, indigo, saltpeter are some of the other material that was traded as well. Within a very small span of time, the EIC expanded its business and very soon it created a monopoly over other markets as well. The Alluring taste and hypnotizing fragrance of those Indian spices is still the same and we at Chakki Masala, are working our hearts out to provide people same quality by our hand pounded spices.